AT&T, Gloucester and Redditch

1990 - 1998

Personal Computer Consultant, then Technical Consultant


Implemented an electronic commerce component for a WEB-based shopping Mall, written using Javascript under Netscape Livewire on Sun servers, linking to Openmarket Transact software, with an Oracle database.

Provided training to external merchants on the use of the internet commerce transaction system.

Assisted with the development of a WEB-based prototype for the Travel service, linking Windows NT machines to a Sun server using CORBA.

Developed OCX Components using C++ MFC to enable Client systems written in Delphi on Windows NT machines to access a white goods order entry system running on DEC Alpha machines.

Assisted with the development of a Messaging Client/Server system using C++ MFC on Windows NT and Windows 95 client machines, linking to DEC Alpha machines via X25, for the Tanker Broking Community.

Produced the interfaces to existing Customer Databases and Financial systems on IBM mainframe systems from a Customer Loyalty system using Oracle on a UNIX machine, and integrated the system into the existing operational environment. Also supported the live system for over a year.

Produced interfaces in C++ and CORBA from an Oracle Financials Accounting system and a Customer Care system on a VAX Alpha VMS machine, to a second Customer Loyalty system using Informix on a UNIX machine.

Assisted with the development in C++ and CORBA of a Client/Server interface from Windows NT servers to the Insurance quotation system on VAX machines, and also a WEB based prototype.

Designed and implemented a PC Application Development Package and it's associated run-time environment, on MS-DOS and MS Windows, using Oracle and RBASE Databases, C and Windows SDK. This was subsequently used to develop a networked PC based Mortgage Administration system, and Insurance Quotation and Electronic Message systems running on a VAX.