Assuresoft, Cheltenham

1999 - 2003

Senior Developer, then Senior Architect


Researched into the use of all .NET facilities, including VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET and ASP.NET, by prototyping parts of the existing services, using the various languages.

Assisted with the architectural review of the existing configuration.

Assisted the architectural design and redevelopment of the web transaction service based on Windows 2000, SQL 2000 and Biztalk server.

Designed and implemened a Migration tool in VB to convert existing code to the new transaction service.

Developed and maintened various C++ routines.

Designed and implemented an encryption interface in VB and C++, for security links to Trading Partners.

As member of the Operations team, maintained and ran the web service, on Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT platforms, using IIS, ASP, VB and SQLServer.