Beaufort Computer Services, Gloucester

1979 - 1985

Technical Analyst, then Senior Technical Analyst


Develop and maintain a Database Handler (FERRET) for Pensions Administration (PAGES) and General Insurance packages.

Develop data collection software for the Pensions Administration package (PAGES).

Develop DELTA database and Transaction Processing macros for a Life Assurance package (BLISS), for use on ICL, IBM and VAX machines.

General Technical Support of the VME Operating System.

Develop file conversion and data collection programs for local companies.

DELTA consultancy.


ICL 2956, ICL 2960, ICL 2966 under GEORGE 2S, GEORGE 3, VME/K and VME/2900, where PLAN, DELTA and COBOL were used. ICL 7502 using TPL/F.